Celebrating our February and March Collegiates!

We are very excited to announce the Collegiate winners for the months of February and March:

February :

  • PreK: Rosario Hernandez-Hernandez and Reagan Venuti
  • K: Laura Lopez-Xochicale and Delani Jones
  • 1st: Ivan Cano-Garcia and Brilliant Matthews
  • 2nd: Elise Gilbert and Araceli Aguilar Galvez
  • 3rd: Carlos Alcantara-Hernandez and Mckenna Polk
  • 4th: Kh'Ali Oxendine-Fisher and Yadaira Argueta-Perez
  • 5th: Stephanie Briscoe and Johanna Betancourt-Mendoza
  • 6th: Jeremy Aggrey-Orleans and Eric Jiang
  • 7th: Sharron Daniels and Jamal Nicholson
  • 8th: Tamyah Byers and Arly Bencosme 


  • PreK: Takai Allen and Owen Kennel
  • K: Ghavin Ross and Ziah Cragway 
  • 1st: Zahra Hill and Emiliano Costilla-Galarza
  • 2nd: Vallery Duran-Sanchez and Bryant Sharp 
  • 3rd: Omar Torres-Martinez and Tyler Wormley-Robinson
  • 4th: Nalani Greene-Stones and Micah Hampton 
  • 5th: Andy Diaz-Franco and Ibon Cerezo-Mendoza
  • 6th: Emilio de la Maza-Unda and Da'Khai Handy 
  • 7th: Taylor Chambers and Cesar Galvez-De los Santos
  • 8th: Dilontay Blackwell and Karla Mauricio-Prado  

They were honored with a celebration breakfast and a special trip to UMBC on Friday, April 6th, where they participated in several fun activities with current college students.  For more information and photos about the event, please click here (March) and here (April).