Celebrating our February and March Collegiates!

We are very excited to announce the Collegiate winners for the months of February and March:

February :

  • PreK: Rosario Hernandez-Hernandez and Reagan Venuti
  • K: Laura Lopez-Xochicale and Delani Jones
  • 1st: Ivan Cano-Garcia and Brilliant Matthews
  • 2nd: Elise Gilbert and Araceli Aguilar Galvez
  • 3rd: Carlos Alcantara-Hernandez and Mckenna Polk
  • 4th: Kh'Ali Oxendine-Fisher and Yadaira Argueta-Perez
  • 5th: Stephanie Briscoe and Johanna Betancourt-Mendoza
  • 6th: Jeremy Aggrey-Orleans and Eric Jiang
  • 7th: Sharron Daniels and Jamal Nicholson
  • 8th: Tamyah Byers and Arly Bencosme 


  • PreK: Takai Allen and Owen Kennel
  • K: Ghavin Ross and Ziah Cragway 
  • 1st: Zahra Hill and Emiliano Costilla-Galarza
  • 2nd: Vallery Duran-Sanchez and Bryant Sharp 
  • 3rd: Omar Torres-Martinez and Tyler Wormley-Robinson
  • 4th: Nalani Greene-Stones and Micah Hampton 
  • 5th: Andy Diaz-Franco and Ibon Cerezo-Mendoza
  • 6th: Emilio de la Maza-Unda and Da'Khai Handy 
  • 7th: Taylor Chambers and Cesar Galvez-De los Santos
  • 8th: Dilontay Blackwell and Karla Mauricio-Prado  

They were honored with a celebration breakfast and a special trip to UMBC on Friday, April 6th, where they participated in several fun activities with current college students.  For more information and photos about the event, please click here.