Commodore Collegiates


The Commodore Collegiates Program started in 2011, the second year of our turnaround. It began with the idea that students should be recognized for displaying our Five Promises (i.e., our core values) on a regular basis. Every month, two students from each grade are selected by their teachers and are honored with a celebration breakfast and a trip to UMBC on the first Friday of the following month. Students and their families get to tour the UMBC campus, participate in an interactive STEM activity, play a variety of games, and eat at the UMBC cafeteria. All on-campus activities are designed specifically to expose our students to life on a college campus and are led by UMBC students. Collegiates are also honored at the End of Year Celebration, which is held at the UMBC Ballroom. It’s a big deal to be named a Collegiate. Will you be next?