Celebrating our December and January Collegiates!

We are very excited to announce the Collegiate winners for the months of December and January:


  • PreK: Caroline Hlavka and Hope Curtis 
  • K: Aidan Burrell and Leonel Aguilar-Galvez
  • 1st: Konnor Burton and Jamila Ghoneim
  • 2nd: Tyrone Sydnor Jr. and Shayla Manzano-Medellin
  • 3rd: Eduardo Garcia-Montalvo and Taylen Eberhart
  • 4th: Camila Costilla and Kameran Rogers 
  • 5th: Essence Jones and Michael Andrade-Guzman 
  • 6th: Lyric Green and Esmeralda Galvez-De Los Santos
  • 7th: Cynthia Cardona and Tavon McGraw
  • 8th: Isaiah Young and Maria Aguina


  • PreK: Elvis Banegas-Bonilla and Arionna Steele
  • K: Leighton Webb and Dilynn Webb 
  • 1st: Alex Alvarez and Jamil Taylor
  • 2nd: Denis Funez-Oliva Jr. and Sianni Jones
  • 3rd: Genesis Gereda-Ortiz and Jayden Campos-Anaya
  • 4th: Tiffany Martinez-Ramirez and La'Martaze Moten
  • 5th: Ruben Lemus-Espino and Emelyn Gomez-Juarez
  • 6th: Josmar Sanchez-Sanchez and Elizabeth Morra 
  • 7th: Erick Gonzalez-Salas and Evelyn Argueta-Rivera
  • 8th: Danyell Jones and Katherine Badena-Cruz  

They were honored with a celebration breakfast and a special trip to UMBC on Friday, February 2nd, where they participated in several fun activities with current college students.  For more information and photos about the event, please click here